Mini Transformes Bumblebee Papermodel and Julescrafter Papertoy



Transformers Bumblebee and Julius Perdana Papertoy
This time I minimized bumblebee papernodel designed by Julius Perdana.
Used 70 gsm HVS paper, and printed with laser printer.
But the printer has an error and make bumblebee colour more orange.
Look at pic 3, compared with the normal size who has yellow colour.
Transformers Bumblebee Paper Model (Simple)

Beside bumblebee papermodel, I also built Julius Perdana papertoy.
This Jules papertoy designed by Christopher Ryan as a tribute to Julius Perdana.
He designed this papertoy based on Julius Perdana always wears the scout trooper helmet where ever he has community gathering or event.
This quite cute and funny papertoy right?
Used A8 100 gsm HVS paper to built this papertoy.
Jules Papertoy


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