Tips and Trick Mini Papermodel


What should u do, if u want to minimize papermodel?
1. Before u print the model, u must look the smallest part. Just make sure u can still build it. Zoom out the pattern so u can see the size of the smallest part.
Use not too thick paper, u can use 70-100 gsm paper. I usually use 80 gsm.
Example if u want A6 size u can zoom 25%


2. After printing, do scoring, for me this is important to fold neatly. U can use empty ballpoint to scoring.


3. Use sharp cutter to cut the model. If the part too small to cut with cutter, u can use needle.


4. After cut the parts, u should keep that parts safely. U can place the parts in the box to avoid u lose it.



5. U can use tweezer to hold the parts, to fold the parts, dan help glue the parts.
And use tissue to clean the excess glue, don’t use hand coz it’ll make the model dirty.



6. The finished papermodel

Model: Lion design by Dani Hamdani resize A8, download

7. Be carefull with ur eyes. If u feel dizzy, better stop building.

8. U can use magninified lamp to help u build mini papermodel.

9. Enjoy to build mini model 🙂


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