Mini Balinese Legong Dancer Papercraft


Balinese Legong Dancer
Legong is a classical Balinese dance, originally it always performs by a pair of dancers who are two young girls that never have menstruation yet. The word Legong comes from a word Leg, which mean slow dance movement in balinese. It is characterised by highly stylised slow movements. Its delicacy is heightened by the fact that is performed by richly costumed young dancers, sometimes only four years old, many of whom retire at the tender age of 18.
The word Legong firstly announced to western public was through a silent movie by an American Director titled Legong: Dance of the Virgins in 1935 in New York Theater. That movie was made on Bali island in 1933, all cast are from that island of gods natives. However, Legong dance was rediscovered and maintained by Indonesian goverment on early 1960.

I think this awesome papermodel. Love the pose of the dancer.
Quite difficult to build this model coz the detail is so small.
But I really satisfied with this papermodel.



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